SMS BOMBER is a tool that sends continuous messages to your friends or family and pranks them. You are on the best SMS Bomber website. You can use this tool on any device.


Our tool can send 100 SMS per submission. You can also schedule an SMS bomber, using our tool schedule bomber.


We also provide a Schedule SMS Bomber feature. You can schedule the SMS bomber & it will send SMS at your chosen time.


NOTE : Use SMS bomber for only fun purposes.



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How to use an SMS bomber?

  • First, enter the number which you want to which you want to send SMS.
  • Then enter the number of messages you want to send to your friends in the count box.
  • Here you don't need to enter any captcha, there is auto verification.
  • If you enter the correct 10 digit number and message count between 1 to 100. Then our tool is ready to go.
  • Just hit the 'START' button above given then, there is nothing left to do we are ready to go.
  • Our code will do everything, self.

How to stop SMS BOMBER

  • When the SMS BOMBER tool is working and counting starts, and you want to stop it because your friend is becoming impatient.
  • Just close the tab, and our tool will stop working.
  • But we know sometimes messages come lately, so when we stop it, some messages will come, they are not from us. They are the previous messages.

Features of our site

Our online SMS bomber tool is the best SMS bomber tool. We sent the messages through compute server faster than any other sms bomber. This tool is compatible with any device. It is user friendly.

The theme of our page is cool. It feels like a awesome techy when you are on our site. It is something like, through which you can surprise your friend.

We made this tool handy to use. You can use this at any place. The only concern is you should have an internet connection. When you are using our SMS BOMBER tool, and SMS come slowly, it may be the problem of internet connectivity. We test this code in every possible way, so many times. If any concern about this tool then please contact us.


Our prank text messages tool is fully based on SMS. We analyzed the Short, SMS Message Service. We do some research on it. In short, SMS is a text message service. Our code uses the same principle. But the question is how it becomes SMS bomber ?

When we increase the quantity of something beyond its limits. Then it will become annoying.

In our code or logic we didn't use a short rocket science. Which change it from SMS to SMS bomber. When we increase the frequency of SMS. It will become a funny and awesome prank with our friend.

This is an SMS bomber site like bombitup APK. We have more API's than bombitup SMS bombers and hence we can send more SMS.

Today SMS is one of the effective ways of marketing in business.

Origin Of SMS

The SMS service was first developed in Germany, which we are using in our prank tool. It is developed on 3rd December 1992. Thank Germany for developing such awesome technology, which we are using in our tool. This prank tool is made for pranks. It is an awesome tool to do a prank on our friends.


Sms bomber apk for greatonlinetools will be available soon. It will include all features which are available in web version. It will be more user-friendly than bomitup APK. Also, it will include more API than other SMS bomber websites.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Messages are best suited for marketing. It is used by many companies like auth services, banks, booking services etc.

Sms Bomber as a prank!

When you are using our prank tool, the SMS bomber sends the bulk of messages simultaneously. Due to the ringtone or message tone, the mobile will want to give a ring on each message read or unread. But it will not as much easy for mobile to do. As our lots of APIs will sent a large number of messages.

Use it as a prank, not more than that.

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