Age Calculator


Step 1:Enter your date of birth.

Step 2:Hit the calculate button.

Step 3:Age calculator will display your age in different units.

Step 4:Different Units for Age calculator are Total Years, Total Months, Total Days, Total Hours, Total Minutes, Total Seconds.

Age Calculator Online

This tool is free of cost and available online 24 by 7 on our website. You can calculate your age unlimited times.


This tool shows your continous age. With every increasing second, it shows your new age dynamically.


Q1: What is age?

Ans: Age is the total time from your birth to till now.

Q2: What is age calculator?

Ans: Age calculator is a tool, helps you to calculate your age by using your date of birth.

Q3: How age calculator, calculate age?

Ans: Age calculator calculate the age by calculating time interval between date of birth and current time.

Q4: What is chronological age calculator?

Ans: Chronological age is the time, you have been alive. It is calculated by calculating the time interval between your date of birth and current date time.

Q5: What is age calculator by date of birth?

Ans: Age calculator by date of birth, means that tool uses your date of birth to calculate your age.

Q5: What is realtime age calculator?

Ans: It shows your age in realtime with every passing second.

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