Sms bomber is an online tool using which, we can send bulks of messages simultaneously on any number. It is a prank tool.

How to use Sms Bomber?

First of all visit any website which provide sms bomber service. Like,

Enter your number and count of sms below.

enter number in sms bomber

Count is the number of sms you want to send. When you click on start, wait on that page for tool to work.

How to stop sms bomber?

It is very easy to stop sms bomber. If stop button available, when you start sms bombing, click on stop button. If not simply leave that page or close that page. Sms bomber will stop.

How to be protected from sms bomber?

All the sites which provide sms bomber tool, also provide, protect option. Simply add your number in protected list. Protected list is only valid for the site where you added, your number. You have to add your number on that site, which your friend is using to prank you. For exam on greatonlinetools you can protect your number here.

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