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Why to meditate?



Need of meditation.

Todys topic is importance of meditation. Meditation is like a yoga. And another interesting fact is sleep is the best meditation. And most of the people love sleeping.

Sleep is like a refreshment. It is a new start. We forgot everything. Feel stressless. When we feel a stressed or more confuse, loss a concentration. I think sleep is the best thing there which can help us. Just go on bed and give one to two hours. And your charging is complete. Then you are ready to go.

Some people hates sleep. Some things, Why we sleep. By sleeping we are wasting our time. But to continue to move forward or achieve anything. We need continuation. And in this continuation, we distract more. We loss our all energy. And feel much more demotivated. Then we waste our time in watching movies and many more things. Which when we did, afther that we regret for that time.

Just imagined, when we use that time. What can we do or achieve. Our level increases by many, many times. For that when we feel stressful. We plan to go outside or anywhere. But I think when you feel stress or more confuse or losses a interest in life . Do a meditation. It is the best thing, try once . Do meditation means sleep. And it is best in daytime, in afternoon for 2hrs is sufficient.

Always do your work. And keep moving. And wait you dream is coming to true. Just keep some patience.

When you keep patience, and your work comes in existence or reach its destination. Believe me, the feeling at that time is priceless.

So keep a hope, and when you loss a interest in work don't watch a movie just get some sleep and start it again. When you watch a movie you are going to regrest in comparison with sleep. Because movie is getting you tired.

I don't think don't watch a movie or don't travel. These things are always best with friends or families or our loving ones.

When you are along, work and achieve power at that time it is best...

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