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Human Robo

human robo


Human robot.

We all of you know that how robot works. They do their work what is assign to them.

We are humans, we have emotions, we sense feel, think extraordinary thinks. This is our power also, and weakness also.

We think it is good. But when we are working or doing something, that time also we are working on many thoughts. What we are doing, really it is necessary. What are the benefits of it?

Such questions comes in our mind. And then we think lets take some break, from many hours we are working.

As we take break, then we losses our interest in our work. This is not good for all of us.

When there question comes for our work, we all should behave like a robot. Don't move until your work is complete or you don't do what you have decided previous day.

We have to do all this thing keeping in mind that we are humans, we have to take a break, but only which are necessary, no distractions.

We also has to stop our work when there is some kind of emergency or there is more important work comes. Which can't be done later or the chance or opportunity to do something interesting.

Only then you are giving execuse to yourself. Unless you are not gonna, stop by anyone.

This work take you to your goal. And gives you the feeling which is precious. Which we can't buy by money.

Life diverts our mind. It doesn't take our physical strength. But break us mentally. So always make a good environment in your surrounding.

What I said, in previous lines. life is not scary as much. But we have to prepare for anything. Life is a gift.

So in short, we have to plan our next day, and work in the same manner, how we planned.

Next question arises. For how many days we are working like this?

And the answer is when you become ready or reach your position . Your plan to travel or whatever will automatically starts.

Like someone wants to travelling, or love travelling. After he has done his work, or work for some months . I means he started earning. He becames little bit master or his work.

Then think how your life changes. You can travel wherever you wanted. But for that first of all you have to work. And never losses a hope. And believe in mathematical calculations, I mean don't assume you can do magic at the time of your exam. Work hard from starting .

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