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Be Persistent

Persistence is easy to maintain with some reason.

Persistence, is another most important key to happiness and success. It is the most and must thing needed to achieve our dream. If we had it remaining things come to us automatically.

So how to develop persistence?

As everything need a reason, nothing happened without reason.

so, to develped a persistence in your life or work, you need a strong reason, which you can always remember and which is strong.

Which you have to remember, yourself daily.

So first find a reson, for which you want to do this work, or achieve this thing. When you want to stop your work or getting distracted, then remember that thing. And then you don't have any option you have to do that work.

And after some days, when you get result of your work, distractions becomes less automatically.

Now, distractions can't distract you from your work. Now your work becomes your passion.

You started enjoying your work. And when you started enjoying, mind start running here and there. Because our ultimate goal is enjoyment.

Everyone, do his work for happiness and joy.

In your work only, the phase which come after plan and as the work is just completing its halp of journey is difficult.

or it distract us more.

It is the test, which check our dedication, how we are dedicated to it.

And after that we get what we deserve.

What I am telling you is the journey to success from failures...

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