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Learn to Plan



Dreaming is the beautiful thing in world. In which we can do anything. When we see any dream and want to achieve it. We start working. Before it we see the result of its. When we achieved it we do this and this, bla bla bla. This thing is my favourite and it gives us motivation to work for our dream.

But after 2 to 4 days later we started disappointing, thought can we really achieve it. We take doubt on ourself

Because, dreams are beautiful because they seen us the, best possible result or the best possible outcome of ourselves.

If there comes best, so hardwork and patience comes.

These things now move on towards like a paper.In which we have to perform. But we don't need to do more, we have to only has to do to be there. Never accept defeat. Be give a strong stand. We have to do only this thing.

But still we losses this match, because another thing comes, I means thought. Which forces us to think, that you whatever the stuff you are doing is going to waste. What is you dreaming is so big.

I think this is the last stage. If we conquer it, success is yours.

To conquer it, we need to plan daily for our day.

Planning make a big difference between winner and looser.

Can you imagine the power of plan?

I tell you a one story. There is a one boy who study regularly but withour pland, without understanding the exam pattern.

There is another boy, who enjoy his whole day, no study no pain in life.

The exams comes near to 4 days.

The boy who never study, start analysing a paper pattern.

He started calculating everything, which is necessary. Now he plans his whole day before that day.

These thing increases his efficiency, lot more times.

That he score more marks than the boy who studies without plan without understanding the exam pattern.

I can say if you have the best plan, then you are nothing less than a magician.

Since, after that You can manipulate your time. In now a days, this is more than magic...

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