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Real Enjoyment?

Joy and enjoyment is in our work. When we complete our work or did what we has to do. We feel very good.

And one natural smile comes on our face. We think that tomorrow is sunday or holiday let's watch a movie tomorrow and we would did our work tomorrow. When you are watching movie the time goes fast that you won't realized it and never remember what you have, did that day.

But when you did your work you felt like a hero, and think or dream more bigger dreams which are enoromously joyable.

You think, why we should have to work?

According to me the answer is for our loving ones. Just imagined or let's assumed someone rich man or any big officer comes and insult your friend or family. Then how you feeled.

you, in mind says, that if I have that power or that money.

Work for that day. If such a day comes or any another problem comes you should have the power to handle it .

It will give you your kick.

Another fact, there is more happiness in giving things to others, rather than taking away.

You know the most beautiful or best moment in our life we can't see , we can feel it only, the one great person said.

Just imagined you are on the top of mount everest, what you would do?

First you see here and there, then after that to feel the best moment, you would close you eyes and opens your arm and feel the flow of air. It is similar to that, the best moments are only felt, we can't see it.

I am not saying to be good or disciplined, do things according to you or whatever in the way you want.

At last I think you should have to achieve power for your loving ones...

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