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Hello friends, lets explain some facts about life.What is life?

Sometimes it is great or sometimes it is worst ever it can be.

In this blog I am going to share my daily experiences or some views about life, I thought it would be interesting for all of you.

So let's start. Today everything was good enough. Everyone is a hero of their life. Everyone thinks, that only they are thinking about life.First point life is short. So what to do or what to not.

Good thoughts or quotes say's you have to study or always doing work for better life until you achieved it.

So what is better life. For everyone it is different. Someone thought when they become millionaire, they will enjoy their life . For someone after job. When they get that position, again they says once I achieved it, later....

It will never over.

I think we do everything for happiness or better life.

So what is necessary for better life, millions of rupees!

Of course if we got millions of ruppes it will be great. But we have that character to handle that money.

And if we have the character and correct reason, I think no one can distract us.

Because our reason is genuine.

At last life is beautiful with sharing and caring.

And at other side finding the truths of life.

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